Developer: ONI studio
Release Date: TBD
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Brief History of the Project:

The idea belongs to Denis Listov, a big fan of games Blade of darkness and The Elder Scrolls, who in far 2013 had the desire to make a game that would combine the pleasure of fighting enemies and a fascinating story in a fantasy world.

Over time, the idea evolved, became more detailed. He's been planning the game himself all this time.

In February 2016, the team wasn't there yet, and you had to find people somewhere. At first, Denis payed out of his own pocket (he had to take loans and sell his car), but the development process was too slow. However, enthusiasts were gradually appearing.

The core of the team began to form.

This is how the young indie game studio ONI Studio was formed. The full development process of The Forging Destiny HROFT began (the name was then changed to About Savior Hunter (A.S.H.).


Hroft is a brave hunter and Savior. He fights evil creatures from different Worlds.

During his pilgrimage, he reveals traces of Chaos that hides in the hidden pass between the Worlds. The pass is called The Shadow Path. During a battle, Hroft falls into a trap, and the flicker of portal's light becomes his only way of surviving. The obelisk teleports him to Anvelor, but he loses his memory after landing.

When Hroft regains consciousness, he hears hundreds of souls begging for help. Looking at their burnt village, he senses three Dark Forces, he feels a familiar feeling. It turns out that the villagers were guarding A Tear of He Who Cannot Be Named, ancient Amulet of Souls, which was stolen from the World. Hroft realizes that the plea comes from this amulet.

Who are we going to fight? Demons? Chaos? Necromancers? Why is it so important to save Anvelor? During the game, we need to find out Hroft's past and find the amulet's thief.


A.S.H. (about Savior Hunter) is a 3D slasher/platformer in the epic medieval fantasy world From level to level you're going to unfold an intriguing story like turning pages of a fascinating fantasy book with an unexpected ending.

The game has comfortable, well-thought-out and deep combat system. It's a mix of fighting and slasher games. Prepare to use your skills, reflect and strike in three directions, attack with crushing combo, bounce and avoid unblocked attacks of large creatures.

Puzzles, traps and secrets will complement the gameplay.

There are more than 40 weapons, which are divided into two classes: cutting and blunt weapons. Swords and battleaxes will inflict greater damage on enemies with flesh: Zombies, dwarves, ghouls, minotaurs ... hammers and maces are more effective against skeletons, stone golems, shell spiders, mechanical creatures. Unique weapons will have specialized super attacks.

The Hero will loot potions and pieces of equipment from enemies, chests and hidden places. Some of the equipment: Helmets, gloves, pants and boots, as well as weapons and runes.

Hroft uses runes to improve weapons. When a rune is loaded with energy, a weapon acquires superpowers, for example, it will cut off multiple enemies or freeze them.

You can see one of the effects in the video:

There are 20 types of enemies in the game. They are all different. Some of them are completed:

The Hero gains experience from killing enemies. After lvl-up, The Hero can increase his Health, Stamina and Strength.

We are aiming to make ranking fights to find out who is the strongest. There will also be very interesting co-op quests. You will cover each other and go through different dungeons, castles, abandoned villages, you'll be able to go down to Hell and chop up a couple of bosses.


  • Slasher/Platformer with RPG elements
  • Medieval fantasy world
  • Unique enemies, each with its own behavior
  • A large choice of weapons influences the style of combat
  • Detailed animation
  • A great number of well-thought levels
  • Interesting and intriguing plot with global events
  • Original and exciting battle system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Pleasant and atmospheric graphics
  • Great music