Rune of frost

Rune not only visually transforms weapons, it also gives small buffs, for example, slows down enemies.

Movie story is ready!

Story Hroft, hunter and saviour, fights evil creatures from different Worlds. During his pilgrimage, he discovered traces of Chaos Spawns that lurk in the hidden passage between Worlds. The passage is called Shadow Path. During a fight, Hroft walked into a trap.

The enemy can kill the enemy

A new piece of gameplay!

We are testing animation and battle system

Don`t be too hard on us) We`re testing animation and battle system

Animation mocap

Yesterday I arrived. Now I'm doing animation. It was filmed three times more than last time. My leg is better, thanks to pills and ointments. Filming was non-stop for 4 hours. Time had flown very fast. In the end, I realized how tired I am. While the animation studio is being repaired, I rented and equipped a room at the Institute of Cinematography. I need lots of practice to understand and film qualitative animation. My preparations showed me that I needed smth different. The movements were OK, but I felt that the character was moving off sync. Or it is just my imagination. We will get done with animation and finally record gameplay!

Mecanim in Unity

We used Mecanim in Unity to produce animations of transitions to different stances in a single take. (It's not bad, the transitions are well-made.) These are old animations with two-handed weapon. Soon, we will reproduce them with a single-handed weapon. Mecanim simplifies work on the transitions. As the project will have 3 stances (upper, middle and lower), we need to take into account the Hero's stance after running, jumping or turning around. His movements must be smooth and realistic.